Free Shipping over 300-Ground and Discount over 500-DC items


1.Do you have store cell phone for message?
Yes, 817-876-9792

2.Do you open on line & off Line?
We open on line Yes, off line yes.

3.Do you need sales Tax # ?
Yes, We need signed resale tax # in Texas customer if do not have will charge sales tax(8.25%)

4. Do you need resale tax permit out of texas ?
No, out of texas is do not need.

5. Price is all wholesale price?
Yes, Wholesale price.

6. Do you ship to Cannada?
Yes, We ship to Cannada but payment only paypal express.

7. Do you do drop shipping?
NO, we do not drop shipping.

8. Can i see the price?
Yes, You  need log in or Phone # or e mail address.

9. Do you have catalog?
No, We do not have catalog. only web site.

10. Can i purchase without log in.
Yes, you can. Phone & email. Skipped log in order.

11. Why do i have to have tax #?
Because, We are for wholesale only.

12. Do you sell for non-profit ?
Yes, but over $50.00 purchasing .

13. if i can place orders and can i pick up your store?
Yes, You can. note for remark.

14. your app. asked for login #. I do not have one.
Yes, you can shopping without log in.

15. Hi, I am trying to set up an account with JS World Trading.
Yes, first purchasing order will be set up account.

16. I am attempting to register to buy from your site i do not have member #?
Ok, just skipping member , we will give you.

17. Are you open to public or only wholesale?
No, we do not open to public.

18. Are you still offering free shipping?
Yes,We do free shipping over $300.00 over order by ups ground.

19. Are wholesalers able to shop at store Location. or is this online only?
Yes, We are on line and off line.

20. Can I use your photos for my online catalog?
yes, you can use them as long as you buy the products from us.

21. Do you accept Zelle payment?
Yes, our cell phone # 817-876-9792 and call or message our employee.